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We are dedicated to providing support along with legal and therapeutic resources to Abuse Survivors, who have been harmed by such policies within the Watchtower Organization (Jehovah’s Witnesses), and for future potential victims of these protected pedophiles. We are building a foundation based on care and trust. We support one another, and respect one another. We are Abuse Survivors FOR Abuse Survivors. We’re here to learn, heal and help. Our purpose is NOT to see the destruction of the Watchtower Society, nor to prevent the free will of religious beliefs. LambsRoar is NOT an apostate organization. All those who have been harmed are welcome here. All those that wish to help support those that have been harmed, are welcome here. All those who wish to learn more, are welcome here. We lend support to all Abuse Survivors, no matter where, or how the Abuse occurred. We are silent lambs no more! Listen to the Lambs Roar!

Dr Franklin Online Q&A Forum

Dr Dave is a highly accomplished therapist, with many years of diverse professional experiences who has generously volunteered his time and expertise to answer questions here at Dr. Dave maintains a private practice in Texas, as well as an Online Office, where he provides fee-based counseling to to individuals from all over the United States. View Dr Franklin’s Biography. His site can be found at: Dr. Franklin Online

Dr. Dave’s services provided at LambsRoar are not intended to fulfill all your needs. Please discuss various therapy/counceling options with Dr. Dave. Note that Dr. Dave provides fee-based counseling outside of LambsRoar, both online and offline.

Sexual abuse survivor Donald D’Haene knows he is one of the lucky ones. Legions of paedophilia victims remain silent, afraid, isolated. They don’t have to. Surviving sexual abuse more than two decades ago, D’Haene and his siblings refused to remain silent about the horrors of child sexual abuse. They told Elders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation, police, doctors, therapists and took their abusive perpetrator to court.

How did that journey of sexual recovery unfold? D’Haene has written a memoir of his experience which may be of benefit to sexually abused victims, rape survivors, professionals and educators. Father’s Touch details his father’s physical and sexual abuse of his siblings, his mother, and himself; his experience with faith, educators, sexual orientation, therapy, and a trial.

Donald D’Haene
Father’s Touch

Disneyland Paris - Eurodisney

What are the parks in Disneyland Paris?

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom is the kingdom of magic, where we find the famous Cinderella Castle. It looks a bit like the park that can be found in Paris but much bigger, of course! Moreover, we can find some similar attractions there like Big Thunder Mountain , It’s a Small World , Peter Pan’s Flight or Pirates of the Caribbean . However, be reassured even if you know Disneyland Paris by heart, you will not be disappointed by this park, because obviously many attractions exist only here

Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is my favorite park! We find ourselves immersed in the heart of the landscapes of Africa and Asia. It is a mix between amusement park and zoo. In particular, it offers a safari aboard an all-terrain bush bus in the African savannah where you will meet lions, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, zebras etc. The immersion is total! Animal Kingdom also has a real educational vocation, especially on endangered species.

The “Asia” section of the park is, for me, the most successful because it really feels like you’re in the jungle. Indeed, we meet monkeys, rickshaws and the vegetation is spectacular! The roller coaster-type attraction, Expedition Everest takes you aboard a train to the top of Everest, in a fabulous Himalayan setting. The Queue is a museum dedicated to the search for the Yeti.

The park is divided into 2 parts: “ Future World “, with science-based attractions, and “ World Showcase “, which allows you to visit 11 countries in one day. Thus, each country is represented by flags: England, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, France etc.

You can take a picture of yourself in one of the famous red telephone booths in England, in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, see a Mayan pyramid in Mexico, or even take a walk in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice for example

The 2 must-see attractions for me are Soarin 'around the World and Test track .

In Soarin ', we are installed on a kind of hang-glider, we really have the impression of flying, it’s impressive! I even had vertigo at first! We go around the world, crossing magnificent landscapes, and even the smells are there. However, it is the most successful attraction in the park, so don’t forget your FastPass Disneyland Paris !

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
As its name suggests, this park is entirely devoted to the magic of cinema. There are quite a few thrilling attractions here, such as the famous The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or even “ Rock’n’Roller Coaster”, a roller coaster- type train that rushes to the sound of music. from Aerosmith. There is also the famous Stars Tours , a 3D simulator that transports us to the world of Stars Wars

Disney’s Blizzard Beach
Here again, the immersion is total at Blizzard Beach ! Here, it is the snow which fell on the park! We find ourselves surrounded by fake snow, but the illusion is there, and the settings are really nice. It feels like a ski resort, there are even ski lifts!

Where to stay at Eurodisney?

You have 2 solutions:

If you want to visit Paris and the surrounding area or other theme parks , then staying off-site is a good solution.
On the other hand, if you only visit Eurodisney, I advise you to stay there, because you will have many advantages.

How do I book my stay at Eurodisney?

I really advise you to book your tickets in advance! So you can book your FastPASS + in advance, essential if you want to enjoy the parks : How to book your FastPass Eurodisney?

To book your stay several options are possible. I really advise you to compare all the options because depending on the number of days and / or the period, the prices are different from one site to another.

How does the meal plan work at Eurodisney?

If you opt for a multi-day stay in Mickey’s Land, you will have the option of opting for a meal plan. The advantage of this is that it allows you to pay for your restaurants before your stay so that you will not have to worry about anything or almost during your stay.

The other advantage is that you can reserve your restaurants 180 days in advance, and believe my experience, even 180 days in advance, it is sometimes difficult to get a table in some restaurants!

You will find all the information on the meal plan here: Dining Plan at Eurodisney, how does it work?

How many days should I stay at Eurodisney?

This is a question that comes up often, and it’s a question that is difficult to answer. It depends on what you want to do in France and whether you are a Disney fan or not.

Knowing that there are 4 theme parks , the minimum in my opinion is 4 days . Yes, Magic Kingdom resembles that of Disneyland Paris, however, the 2 parks are different and some WDW attractions do not exist in Paris.

If you are staying at a Disney hotel, you will definitely want to sit back and enjoy the pools.

When traveling with children, here too, the pace is intense, so being able to rest between visits can be important.

If you don’t want to spend so much time there, I recommend visiting Animal Kingdom , Epcot and / or Disney’s Hollywood Studios .

And the water parks? Half a day is enough in the water parks. There, also in my opinion, they are worth the detour as the decorations are magnificent!

Finally, you can opt for the Park Hopper option, which will allow you to go from one park to another in the same day. So, it can be interesting for a first visit.

How to transfer from the airport to Eurodisney?

If you decide to go directly from the airport to your Disney hotel, there is a shuttle called Disney’s Magical Express. Once your luggage has been collected, just go to the Disney counter. Then, an employee will direct you to the corresponding bus to your hotel.

If you have rented a car, you can find information here: How to make the airport transfer in Paris?


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